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Share one of my Minneapolis-based yoga classes with me using the schedule below. See you on the mat.

Current Weekly Yoga Class Schedule


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UpBeats (Heated)

An expertly crafted power vinyasa class with a curated playlist, Meghan will guide you to your flow state. Come ready to move, breathe, sweat, challenge your edge, and shake out your day. Meghan will meet you where you’re at with embodied, alignment-based cueing. Get lost in the dance and add your breath to the soundtrack of the day. Singing along is welcome!

In-studio and online*

Mondays 12pm

@ Up Yoga


Every day is a good day for yin. Yin is a grounding, cooling practice that brings balance to our days. Slow down, give yourself the gift of time, and practice rest. In long-held resting postures, heavily supported by props, Meghan will guide you in creating and exploring stillness, observing your breath, body, and thoughts. In a warm and dim room, we practice surrender through muscle relaxation, leading to increased flexibility in our bodies, minds, and beings.

In-studio and online*

Tuesdays 7pm

@ Up Yoga


Meghan will guide you through an invigorating vinyasa flow that integrates breath and movement. Among community, you will break a sweat, move your body, and awaken your breath in a way that supports your mind-body connection and brings a renewed sense of presence. Wherever you are on your journey, Meghan will lead your flow in a way that feels natural, safe, and empowering, utilizing props and modifications to support your alignment and growth.

In-studio only on Wednesday, Hybrid on Thurs/Fri

Wednesdays 11am

Thursdays 9:30am

Fridays 9:30am 

@ Blooma

Power Flow (Heated)

Meghan moves this class toward a peak pose with purpose and care. Class sequences will vary and will be strategic and creative. Come to move, breathe, sweat, balance, stretch, strengthen, and build toward a place where you can explore an edge in your mind and body. There is freedom, vitality, and power on the other side of resistance, and these ancient shapes can be the scaffolding we need to play, release, and grow.

In-studio and online*

Wednesdays 4:00pm
@ Up Yoga

*All online classes will have video links delivered 15 minutes prior to class by the respective yoga studio to all registered students.

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